Investigadores asociados

CGAT 2018

For the past 10 years, the annual CGAT conference has served as a platform for researchers, scientists, IT developers and consultants to share their research,

SIGGRAPH Vancouver 2018

SIGGRAPH 2018 is a five-day immersion into the latest innovations in CG, Animation, VR, Games, Digital Art, Mixed Reality and Emerging Technologies. Experience research, hands-on

Intentional Play Summit 2018

The Intentional Play Summit is a San Francisco Bay Area conference that explores games and emerging tech that promote experiential learning and social impact. Details


The GameTools Project is an EU project from the 6th Framework Programme, coded IST-2-004363. The project brings together leading European computer graphic experts from universities


Saving the dream in grassroots sport based on values (SAVEit) is a collaborative partnership that allows a group of stakeholders from different sports and educational


EphemeCH is a coordinated research project focusing on bioinspired algorithms and complex ephemeral computational environments. Visitar